di claudio tolcachir

another “family group in an interior”, following on from the 2012 success of the case of the Coleman family. For this new theatrical piece the Argentinean playwright and director claims to have found inspiration from a personal experience: the chance meeting with the woman who was his “nanny” when he was a baby. In a building in Buenos Aires Emilia is reunited with Walter, the boy she cared for in her youth, now in his forties. Emilia is alone, aged, and embittered, clearly in difficulty. Walter invites her to his home and Emilia discovers what that dull, pudgy and apparently placid little boy has become: a violent and aggressive man, exaggeratedly jealous of the woman he has married, despotic with her children from a previous marriage. A new fight by Tolcachir in the ring better known as “family”.  emilia-10
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