operetta burlesca

di emma dante

Operetta Burlesca tells the story of a suffering, of the emotional brittleness of one who refuse an identity, and the reality that surrounds him. The family as a physical and moral threat, already theme of the work “Carnezzeria”, here it joins an innovative work on the music and choreographic movements, that reminds her piece “Le Pulle”, the ones that the director defined “an amoral operetta”, opening the way for a social report, which is also a pillar of strength in the poetical universe of Emma Dante.
A variety show, but also a striptease of the soul, a black fairy tale told in a grotesque way.
With Viola Carinci, Roberto Galbo, Francesco Guida, Carmine Maringola

Text and Direction Emma Dante

Choreography Davide Celona

Light Cristian Zucaro

Production Sud Costa Occidentale

 Operetta mail 3
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