di babilonia teatri

“We have always claimed that we didn’t want to tell stories in our shows. But then came Pinocchio’s tale. We gave life to it surprisingly, by talking of those who had almost lost their life but clung to it and were born again.

Then again another story, the one of Lolita, where we talked about an atrocious world that wipes everything out, even a little girl’s dreams. Two different stories, with a common clear feature: their popularity. They are not popular because of details or the exact succession of events, but rather because Pinocchio and Lolita now belong to the social imaginary; if you just name them, a whole world discloses.

It is then natural to tell the most well-known story, the most popular one, the one everybody knows, the one about such a familiar character that everybody knows about his birth life and death.

Jesus. The Gospel is his story. The four Gospels tell Jesus’ life with slight differences from his birth in the stable with an ox and a donkey to his crucifixion on the Golgotha.

We know everything about this story. That’s amazing. We know the protagonist, the main characters, the antagonists, the supporting actors, we know the facts, their sequence, who won, who lost, who said what and what was said by whom. If we were to make a list of everything we remember about Jesus, it would be hard to stop.

The stable, the angel’s annunciation, the three kings, the shepherds, the baptism, blessed are the poor, the 12 apostles, the healing of the leper, Lazarus rise and walk, the good Samaritan, the parables, the feeding of the 5000, Jesus walking on the water, the kiss of Judas, the lost sheep, the last supper, saint Thomas, the marriage at Cana, the stations of the cross, the Golgotha, Barabbas, the empty tomb, the cross, the resurrection, the foot washing, Pontius Pilate, Herod… I can’t find anything else I know that well. From the plot of the beautiful and the bold passing through my dissertation thesis, everything looks blurred to me. Everything but Jesus. He is engraved on my mind.On my  memory. I was grown up with his sentences that accompanied and shaped me. Unconsciously. Through a little catechism and a couple of sacraments. But most of all Jesus has comforted me, cuddled me, kept me calm and peaceful, he suffered too, he lived, he fought and in the end he died. But that was a happy end. He died and he raised again. I shouldn’t worry, I shouldn’t be afraid, everything will be all right, we will come together again one day. In true life. Beyond the clouds. ”(Valeria Raimondi)

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