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Dancer and actress of irresistible talent and comic vitality, Cristiana Morganti merges the fury of a Mediterranean virago with the wide-eyed innocence of a clown.

In this performance, she sets herself to play with the theatrical concept of “Inside” and

“Outside”, at times losing herself in the sheer whirlwind of movement, and at times stepping out of the spectacle to observe herself with fierce and unrelenting humor.

The challenge is to recreate, along the axis of this moving and poetic confession, the thread of memory, starting from her complex relationship with her classical dance education, and winding up with the fateful meeting with Pina Baush. All this in a mixture of video punctuations, costumes reminiscent of the world of traditional ballet, and musical pieces which interweave high and low culture, classic and pop.

This is an irreverent fairytale of Cristiana through the Looking-glass.

Leonetta Bentivoglio (il Venerdì di Repubblica)

She has since worked in Germany with a number of Choreographers such as Susanne Linke, Urs Dietrich, Joachim Schlömer, VA Wölfl, Wanda Golonka.

She has developed her interest in experimental Theatre and in the use of the voice studying with the Odin Teatret of Eugenio Barba.

From 1993 to this day, Cristiana Morganti has been soloist dancer with TANZTHEATER

WUPPERTAL PINA BAUSCH. She has danced in most of the repertoire performances and

partecipated in the creations of many. With the Tanztheater she also starries in Pedro

Almodovar “Talk to her” (2001) and in Wim Wenders “PINA” (2011)

In 2010 Cristiana Morganti created as her homage to Pina Bausch the dancing conference “Moving with Pina”, staged great acclaim in many Italian Theatres and she received in 2011

the Price Leonide Massine as “ Best Contemporary Dancer of the Year”.

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