fausto paravidino

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Fausto Paravidino  author and director but also an actor and filmmaker. He directed and translated Shakespeare, Pinter, and McDonagh alongside stagings of his own texts. In 2005, his first film, Texas, was presented at the Venice Film Festival. He has written twelve plays which have won numerous awards, placing him at the forefront of the new generation of European dramatists.

His work has been performed at the Berlin Schaubühne, the National Theatre in London, the Nationaltheatret in Oslo, the Amsterdam Theater Company and the Barcelona Greek Festival. Fausto Paravidino recently directed Mariapia’s Diary in Sweden, as well as The Sickness of the M. Family, – playing the role of Gianni – at the Teatro Stabile in Bolzano. In France, Christian Benedetti premiered Peanuts in 2005, which Stanislas Nordey programmed in 2006 at the TNB in Rennes along with Genoa 01, a play that was commissioned by the Royal Court Theatre in London. The latter play, dealing with events during the G8 summit in 2001, highlights Paradivino’s hard-hitting and committed writing. In 2008, Victor Gauthier-Martin staged Genoa 01 at Théâtre de la Colline, and in 2009 the Théâtre de l’Odéon presented a Romanian version of The Sickness of the M. Family by Radu Afrim. Written in the framework of a commission by the Premio Candoni-Arta Terme and selected by the Readers’ Bureau of the Comédie-Française in 2009, The Sickness of the M. Family was staged by the author in 2011 at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier. Alongside the performances, the actors in the cast did a public reading of Genoa 01 with Fausto Paravidino. His work was also a genuine discovery for the student actors of the Comédie-Française.