misteri e fuochi

We have commissioned four main contemporary artist to work on the theme of the pain to compose a unique work as a “cadaver exquis”

Angelica Liddel, Shirin Neshat, Tamara Cubas, Armando Punzo.

Misteri e Fuochi, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese from 24th to 27th September 2015 at Lucera, Bari, Brindisi and Taranto

The project found on the recognition of the Pain as ground of rational reflection, and at the same time, as impassable limit to our understanding to face as one of the fundamental problems of the existance.

Different philosophers and writers have thought over and gave raise to the debate on the theme of the pain:Dostoevskij, Hegel, Jonas, Jung, Marx, Nietzsche, Pareyson, Schelling…  Many of their writings mark the acknowledging of the insufficency of the word, in the traditional and philosophical way, not only to explain, but also simply to say the pain.

The project responds to the demand to add to the debate the contribution of artist and theatrical authors in order to express their voice on the theme, also to prove how much still persist questions without answers, as that related to why, and the sense of the pain.

This is the tragedy of the man; he is absorbed in the negative, author of the evil and subject to the pain, branded by the guiltiness and meant to the universal suffering. But it’s also the tragedy of God, because the human fall, sealing the failure of the creation, affects his doing and forces him to intervene to correcting it, what God cannot do it not suffering in turn. Because only with the pain the evil can be won.

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