claudio tolcachir

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Director of the theatre Timbre 4, which he co-founded in 1999 in Buenos Aires, Claudio Tolcachir is an actor, a teacher, a director, and a writer. A pupil of Alejandra Boero, Juan Carlos Gené, and Verónica Oddó, he was discovered by Eduardo Riva and Rita Armani, and appeared in shows by Agustín Alezzo, Norma Aleandro, Carlos Gandolfo, and Daniel Veronese. He directs both classical and modern texts before writing and creating in 2005 La omission de la familia Coleman, which was met with international acclaim. It was followed by Tercer Cuerpo in 2008, El viento en un violín in 2010, and Emilia in 2013.  Claudio Tolcachir-3
 Tolcachir, a versatile director and author who is currently staging many other plays simultaneously drives his actors to their limits, taking advantage not only of their acting expertise, but also of their singing and dancing skills.
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