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Eimuntas Nekrosius is considered one of the most important theatre directors among the European scene.

Lithuanian, born in Vilnius in 1952, his theatre career begins with two different performances with the same amazing force and originality: “Uncle Vania” by Anton Chekhov, and “Pirosmani, Pirosmani” (1981),  a portrait of the famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani, in which works of art images and words are in perfect harmony.

His theatre journey continues with the mise-en-scène of “Mozart and Salieri. Don Juan. Plague” after the three short dramas by Pushkin. Death is the primary theme of this play: the death of Mozart at the hands of Salieri, the death of Don Juan, dragged into the hell by the handshake of the Commendatore, that got him the Europe Theatre Prize in 1994.

The “Three Sisters” (1995) by Anton Chekhov, won the Italian Ubu Prize as the best foreign performance. And has been presented and awarded at many international festivals.

About this performance the critic has said: “Among the many “Three Sisters”,  seen in different languages and by different directors, the one of Nekrosius is probably the most original, inspired by an amazing inventiveness … that lights up the script with an unusual efficacy.

“This Nekrosius must be a genius”, said on 1986 Arthur Miller after attending at Vilnius a performance of the (at that time) young Lithuanian director. An assessment I totally agree with, which I think wasn’t born by a general admiration or enthusiasm, but of a precise and tangible impression: the one to come across a new dramatic expression that didn’t exist before, and now it’s there, suddenly, right in front of you, with the irrefutable evidence of a fact of nature…”Giovanni Raboni, Corriere della Sera

Follows other successful performance as:

A trilogy of William Shakespeare “Hamlet” (1997) “Macbeth” (1998)  “Othello” (2001)

From K. Donelaitis “Donelaitis. The Seasons. “Joys of Spring” (2003)

and  “Autumn Wealth” (2003)

Then “Song of Songs” based on Old Testament poem (2004)

W. Goethe, “Faust” (2006)

Dostoewsky, Idiotas (2009)

All these productions are not anymore available or in the repertory of the Company.

Actually there are four performances in the repertoire of “Meno Fortas” :

Divine Comedy (2012) (three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise)

The Book of Job (2013)

Boris Godunov (2015) with National Drama Theater of  Vilnius

And the new creation “The Hunger Artist” by Kafka to be presented in Vilnius on November 12, 13 and 14 2015.

Theatre studio Meno Fortas

“Meno Fortas” was established on January 1998. Its main activity of “Meno Fortas” is the production and promotion of the work of Eimuntas Nekrosius in Lithuania and abroad. Also the mission of “Meno Fortas” provides for creation, coordination and implementation of international professional theatre projects, supporting young professional artists .Facilities by “Meno Fortas” are open for seminars chamber performances and concerts.

Each year “Meno Fortas” presents world wide more then 50 performances, which are expected and well accepted by audience and theatre critics and professional of different countries.

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