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Babilonia teatri is one of the most innovative companies of Italian contemporary theatre, already honored of several prizes among which Premio Hystrio 2012 alla Drammatugia, Premio Ubu 2011 as best innovation on theatre / research and dramaturgy, Prize Off del Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Special Prize Ubu 2009.

Founded in 2005, by Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raymond, Babilonia Teatri immediately imposed on the Italian scene for its disrespectful and divergent look on some burning questions and themes, as racism, job, web pornography, urgeing of success, violence or cultural decertification.

Castellani and Raimondi are playwrights, authors, directors and most of the time actors of their own works.

With its style language and codes, absolutely out of the schemes,  the company tries to move thinned and the urgency to interrogate, to emerge the conflicts and tensions putting in short circuit its public.

 The work:

The first show of 2006, “Panopticon Frankenstein”, is the result of months of work made with

prisoners in the prison of Montorio, Verona,  and it wins the Veneto Platform of Veneto Operaestate Festival in 2007.

During the same year the company produces and debuts with “Underwork”.

In 2009 two shows debut: “Pornobboy” e “Pop star”.

In 2010 is the time, of “made in italy” that wins the Prix Vertigine with this motivation of the International jury,

chaired by Nicole Petit (KVS – Royal Flemish Theatre, Brussels).

In 2010 Babilonia produces “The best of”. Then follows on 20111 “The end”, about our fear to die and our fear to live.

In 2012 Babilonia Teatri creates “Pinocchio”, a project by Babilonia Teatri and Gli amici di

Luca which the next year receives the Award of National Theatre Critics 2013.

In 2013 the company produces Lolita, which debuts at Napoli Teatro Festival Italia.

In 2014 Babilonia Teatri debuts with Jesus at Vie Festival of Modena.

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