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The Italian theatre collective Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio is one of the most significant European companies of the last twenty-five years.   Core company members include Claudia Castellucci, Romeo Castellucci, and Chiara Guidi.  The use of “special” or unique performers, as well as animals and performing objects, creates a challenging mise-en-scene that unsettles traditional models of theatricality, illusion, and dramaturgy.

What they have staged is enigmatic, radical, grandiose, provocative, always difficult to discuss and interpret. Their presence, all over Europe, and always as invited guests at important theater festivals, is an experience one never forgets, “shockingly beautiful and seductively repellent” in their own words. Their style has been called “iconoclastic” and “super-iconic”; it is situated on the edge of the unmentionable and has been interpreted in terms of old violent rituals and the style of Antonin Artaud.

Romeo Castellucci (1960), Chiara Guidi (1960) and Claudia Castellucci (1958) established Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 1981. They shared an idea of theatre which was mainly focused on the visual, plastic and sound power of the scene where, in the very first years, they played as well. Romeo Castellucci is author and director; he attends to scenes, costumes and lights according to an unitary principle of dramatic composition which also affects the graphics of their books and programmes. Chiara Guidi, author and director of a music theatre, attended to the dramatic rhythm and the vocalism of almost all performances of the Socìetas; she is interested into an art to be shared with the children and, back to the ‘90s, she started an Experimental School of Children Theatre. Claudia Castellucci is teacher, decorator and author of dramatic and theoretic texts; she started many cycles of free research schools based on gymnastics and philosophy. She is interested in the relationships existing between art and its spatial and local occupation. She attended to many exhibitions at the Comandini Theatre, an old iron lathe turning school which became the headquarter of the Socìetas back to 1989.

Socìetas has produced performances which have been staged all over the world, in the main international theatres and festivals

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