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 Buenos Aires Tango is the container that present the selection of the most important artist of the Argentinian popular music, in an event that includes a didactic part, with the teaching of dance and music tango, lectures and conferences, the evening performances with important shows, and the midnight milonga with small scale orchestra and dance exhibitions. To this program it’s used to add collateral activities as art exhibitions and cinema.

This format, various according to he artistic need of the institution that receive the project, and from many years it promotes the knowledge of the language with the intention to introduce the differences on style and technique of the different artists, trying to leave the standard concept that unite the Tango in a general type.

Buenos Aires Tango has been supported by the Ministery of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires and the Ministery of Tourism of the State of Argentina, and has been presented in many theatre  and international festivals as the National Theatre Chaillot in Paris, the Palais des Beuax Arts de Bruxelles, at the Festival de Otoño de Madrid, at the Hong Kong Festival, at the Festival de Porto Alegre in Brazil, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma.

 Milonga - A Tango Project promoters pack 12 July 2012
 They participated as guest of Buenos Aires Tango, artist like, Susana Rinaldi, Adriana Varela, Lidia Borda, Ariel Ardit, Juan Villareal, Maria Graña, Soledad Villamil, Emilio Balcarce and the orchestra Escuela, the orchestra El Arranque, the quartet of Andres Linetsky, Esteban Morgado,  Escalandrum, soloist like Nestor Marconi, Julio Pane, Anibal Arias e Osvaldo Montes, dancers like Miguel Angel Zotto, los hermanos Macana, Gloria y Eduardo, Milena Plebs, Horacio Godoy e Magdalena Gutierrez…
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