Amore & Carne

di pippo delbono

Amore e Carne
This piece takes the unexpected form of a concert, as the Italian director and actor recounts how he met the composer and violinist Alexander Balanescu, a former pupil of Pinchas Zukerman and Itzhak Perlman. The encounter, which combines music and poetry, makes clear the two men’s shared passion for the violin. Like “cries from the soul”, the notes of the violin meet heart-rending words taken from the poems of Rimbaud – also the source of the show’s title – and from stories by Delbono’s masters, the impassioned modern poets Pasolini, Artaud, Eliot, and Whitman. Between the experience of death and the desire for life, our two stars have composed a duet: a concert for all humanity, both the living and those absent, in which they are accompanied by the Balanescu Quartet. Theatre that makes us face some truths – as one might expect from Pippo Delbono.
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