Aldo Miguel Grompone 

Since 1994 he started his activity in the production, distribution and promotion of music events, theater, dance and visual arts, both in Italy and abroad.As a private cultural manager, he is executive producer and co-producer of significant artistic events.

Several theatre creations made by the Lithuanian theatre director Eimuntas Nekrosius were coproduced by him.

The Shakespeare Trilogy: Hamletas on 1996 creation made with the Hebbel Theater in Berlin, La Batie de Geneve and Zuercher Theater Spektakel. UBU Prize by the Italian Association of Theatre Critics as the best foreign show of Italian theater season 1998/99. Macbeth, 1998, co-produced by the Palermo 900  Festival. UBU Prize by the Italian Association of Theatre Critics as the best foreign show of Italian theater season 1999/2000. Prize Golden Mask of the year 2000 in Moscow Russia. Othello, in November 2000, co-produced with the Venice Biennale and the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

He produced “A world with out visa” directing and starring Vanessa Redgrave, with the collaboration of the Moving Theatre in London.  Are its co-productions other performances of the Lithuanian director Nekrosius, such as the Song of Songs, Goethe’s Faust (UBU prize of 2008 as the best foreign show of the season 2007/08) and  Idiotas by Dostoevsky.

With the direction of Nekrosius is co-producing also Italian creations as Ivanov made in collaboration of the Theatre of Rome in 2002 and Anna Karenina  coproduced with ERT Modena in January 2008.

 It deserves a mention the participation as a Delegate Producer of the creation “Tonight we improvise” by Pirandello, directed by Luca Ronconi with the co-production of the Theatre of Rome, Lisbon Cultural Capital and Wiener Festwochen.

 Since long time he committed professionally into the promotion and distribution of the Italian theater abroad, creating opportunities for new theatrical realities. Among many projects of Italian companies, it deserves a mention the promotion of the work of the company Societas Raffaello Sanzio.

Various are the initiatives and promotional activities to present the “excellence” of the theatre in Italy and abroad. He is producer of numerous tour of renowned companies such as the National Theatre of Craiova, the Moving Theatre in London, Compagnie Rosas Brussels, Hanna Schygulla, Teatro di Roma and Teatro Stabile di Torino (with four productions directed by Luca Ronconi: Affabulazione, Calderon and Tonight we improvise, Aminta), La Cuadra de Sevilla, La Fura dels Baus, Deutsches Theater, Weimar, and Volksbhune Theater, Hebbel Theater in Berlin, Teatridithalia Milan, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti Company, Centre Choreographique National d’Orleans and Montpellier, Theatre de Complicité London, Ultima Vez, Brussels, Swan Lake for Adventures in Motion Pictures, Troubleyn Jan Fabre, Company Sud Costa Occidentale of Emma Dante, Andrei Konchalovsky Foundation in Moscow, Compagnie Marie Chouinard Canada and Pippo Delbono.

 Many are the activities carried out to fund theater productions: Needles and Opium by Robert Lepage, Tonight we improvise directed by Luca Ronconi, Silviu Purcarete’s creation De Sade / a sad story for Bologna Cultural Capital 2000, In spite of Wishing and wanting choreographed by Wim Vandekeybus for the Municipality Theater of Ferrara, and Cani di Bancata by Emma Dante.

He promotes and produces Italian theater, with the staging of Novecento by Alessandro Baricco, directed by Gabriele Vacis and with the participation of Arnoldo Foa.

 From 1999 he devoted himself also to the creation of contemporary art projects. Among which a project of the new young artistic creativity with the presentation exhibitions in Rome, Mexico City, Remscheid, Bologna and Aix en Provence. For years he undertook to promotion aimed to the presentation of the work of Jan Fabre, with the production of the important exhibition Passage (Calalogo edited by Aldo Grompone), curated by Mario Codognato, and presented to Palermo at the Cantiere della Zisa with the Municipality of Palermo (September ’99). With Jan Fabre produces, together with the Municipality of Rome and the Accademia Belgica, Umbraculum the exhibition at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rome in October 2001 and in 2009, Le Temps Emprunté at the Bilotti Museum in Rome.

Also as a producer he works on the first art exhibition of Romeo Castellucci, produced with the Municipality of Palermo at the former mental hospital La Vignicella in September 2000. Catalog edited by himself with the presentation of Francesco Bonami.

With the same artist he collaborates on his exhibition-show at the Festival of Romaeuropa for October 2001. He was also a consultant of CIDIM, ETI and Romaeuropa for the three-year project (1999, 2000, 2001) “Latina” supported by the Italian Government for the promotion and organization of the Italian productions in the countries of South America.

And he became a cultural reference of the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina) for the overseas promotion of the Festival Buenos Aires Tango. Among the presentations made, it worth mentioning: the opening of the  Romaeuropa Festival 2000, La Cite de la Musique, and the National Theatre of Chaillot in Paris in 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2008, The Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2007 and the several Tango Festivals at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

He has promoted and organized with the support of the ERT and the State of Emilia Romagna a theater festival in United States with Italian programming the company Motus, Teatro delle Albe and the company of Pippo Delbono, at the Public Theater and the PS122 in New York, and Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

From 2011 to 2012, he is consultant for the Napoli Teatro Festival , since 2011 he is also a consultant for the international relations of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese.

Since 2011 he is also advisor for the program of the Cycle of Classical  performances at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.